Michael Sacks

Senior Advisor - Business & Media


Michael is a digital product & business executive who brings over 20 years of experience developing and managing interactive media and healthcare businesses in both early-stage ventures and large corporate environments. 

Michael has been driving innovative digital media businesses since serving on the startup team atiVillage.com, and later managing new product/business initiatives at AOL.  He has been involved with digital innovation and transformation across consumer and business media including Food Network, HGTV, Sesame Street, About.com, Hearst Publishing, and Wiley & Sons.

Michael has also brought a consumer-oriented mindset to transformative digital products and new businesses in the Healthcare market.  This provides particular insight and advantage in digital Health development, as the industry moves the patient and longer term well-being to the center of care and services.   He has managed this innovation & key new initiatives at Johnson & Johnson, MD Anderson, American Hospital Association, Merck, and United Healthcare.  Michael has also advised on strategy & early-stage operations at multiple digital healthcare ventures.

Additionally, Michael co-founded and guides Engage-Med LLC, which is aiding physician/patient interactions and providing large consumer brands opportunities to engage patients at multiple points of care including medical exam rooms. 

He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two absolutely perfect daughters.  Seriously…..they’re perfect.